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No such thing as Service Dog Puppies for sale....but you can buy a prospect that shows promise.

“Service Dog Puppies for Sale” is a popular search term, because there is such a high need for working dogs.  Many look for puppies that they can train themselves to help the cost of the process be more affordable and aide in a close bond with their puppy.  When you buy a puppy as a prospect you need to know if you’re looking for a future dog, emotional support dog or therapy dog and what tasks you’d like them to complete.  You also want to look for a breeder who uses a laid out program to set their puppies up for success and give them a stimulating and learning environment, not kept in a kennel most of their days or up in a barn.  First let’s talk about the three different kinds of working dogs and then we will discuss how Newfypoos can be an excellent consideration for your service dog puppy. 

*Please note that we use the word service dog to be an all encompassing word in this document, since service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs all serve their owners.

Service Dogs for sale

Service Dogs are trained for a specific task for a person who has a medical condition or disability.  The dog is trained to aide to assist the person in their daily living and their service helps mitigate their disability or health condition.   The dog could serve as a seeing eye dog, seizure alert or response, diabetic alert, psychiatric service, mobility assistance, autism assistance and much more.  A service dog is allowed off leash while tasking or the handler’s disability does not allow for the use of a leash.

Service dogs require extensive training that takes roughly 18-24 months that includes obedience training, extensive socialization, public access training, and task training.  Once trained, handlers may be accompanied by their service dog anywhere public access is allowed.  There are laws that protect service dogs and the owner’s rights to have them, through the ADA/DOJ and the ACAA/DOT.

therapy dogs for sale

Therapy Dogs provide comfort and assistance to people to people in specific realms.  They may serve in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, psychiatric centers and treatment centers.  Therapy dogs are not allowed in public areas like restaurantes, etc.  They are only allowed in the areas where they are providing their service and invited to work.

Therapy dogs require training in obedience and extensive socialization  and trained for whatever tasks they will be used for in that particular setting that they are invited to work in.  They may need a certificate depending on where they be used.  This may be a good citizens test certificate or perhaps another depending on what’s required in that setting.  There are no federal laws protecting therapy dogs.  A therapy dog may be off leash while doing a demonstration.

emotional support dogs for sale

Emotional Support Dogs are trained to provide comfort and therapeutic support to the owner that has a mental impairment, ailment or disability.  An emotional support animal requires no special training, however, their emotional support is enhanced with training, such as reminding the owner to ground themselves or to apply pressure when the owner is agitated. 

An emotional support dog does not have public access, however with a doctor or therapist prescription to qualify for the fair housing act.  The laws that protect the use of therapy dogs comes through FHA/HUD, and there may be states/counties/cities may provide more protection within their limits.  An emotional support dog must be on a leash at all times.

Can Newfypoos be good service dogs?

We believe that Newfypoos can be excellent choices for a working animal, whether as a service dog, emotional support dog or a therapy dog.  A few of our pups have been used for work such as these and we love hearing about the impact that they make in the lives of their owners.  So if your search for “service dog puppies for sale” brought you here, we believe that this may be a good breed fit for you.

Laurel has a special place in her heart for dogs used in these areas, having been a therapist in the past.  If you are looking for a working dog in one of these areas, we can help you choose a good prospect, as we closely watch their personality as they develop as well as complete personality testing to help guide decisions.

Poodles and Newfoundlands are both working dogs, highly intelligent breeds that lend themselves naturally to caring for their owners.  Their size can also be an asset as they can aide in mobility as well as for calming pressure in the therapy realm.  We believe you will find them to be excellent candidates, depending on the work you are looking for them to complete.

Newfypoos have been used as therapy dogs, service dogs and emotional support dogs.  They have also been used as sledding  and carting dogs.  The options are many for this large doodle and we’re excited to what you may use your pup for and how they will aide you in your every day life.  

How do you find a service dog?

Did you know that you can train your own service, therapy or emotional support animal?  It takes dedication and consistency, but it can leave you with a remarkable bond between you and your pup.  There are resources out there on facebook such as Train Your Own Service Dog With Confidence and Service dog tips, tricks, support, training and fun  and books like Training Your Own Psychiatric Service Dog by Terry Kay and Service Dog: Training Your Own Service Dog and Psychiatric Service Dog Bundle by Max Mathews

It’s important to note that should you want a dog for service work, puppies cannot be guaranteed to be a good fit.  Many prospects start service dog training and don’t end up making the final cut in the end.  Personality testing helps make a good choice but it can only be considered a guidance tool, not a guarantee.  If you need a guarantee then you should go through a service dog organization that will have dogs that have already undergone training. 

If you’re looking for a service dog puppy, please be sure to tell us that you have a specific use in mind for the dog, so we can best help you.  It may be good to find a service dog trainer that can help you identify what puppy personality and characteristics will be best suited for the tasks you have in mind.

If you’d like to learn more about our puppies and consider them for your therapy dog, emotional support dog or service dog, please CHECK OUT OUR PUPPIES HERE.

Does Green Acres Newfypoos sell Service dogs?

Green Acres Newfypoos does not sell finished service dogs.  We will help you seek out a puppy that will suit your needs as a service dog, therapy dog or emotional support dog from one of our litters.  We are happy to work alongside your already chosen service dog trainer in helping you choose the right puppy or we may be able to help you connect with a person in our area that is  knowledgeable in raising and training service dogs.  When filling out your contact form, let us know what type of tasks you hoping your new pup will be able to perform for you.

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