Grooming a Doodle

Grooming a doodle....What you need to know

I applaud you for researching how to groom a doodle!  It’s an important consideration.  The amount of time it takes to upkeep a large doodle, like a Newfypoo will highly depend on how long or short you keep their coat and the type of coat they have.  As we have covered HERE, there are flatcoats, wavy coasts and curly coats. Flatcoats take the least amount of time, while curly coats can take the most.

All doodles will take maintenance. They are not a dog that you can just give food and water and be done. They love attention, training, and will need to be groomed to keep from getting major mats/tangles. We provide you with amazon links to our favorite grooming products below and  on our Puppy Supplies page.

Here are some tips from my groomer, Newfiedoodle loving, friend:

  1. Start looking for a groomer when you begin looking for a puppy. You want to make sure you find one ahead of time because grooming is essential and not all groomers will take on large poodle mixes. (Sidenote: It is possible to learn to groom them yourself but it will take time and patience.)
  2. The advised that most groomers like to see your dog every 4-6 weeks depending on how you like them clipped and how well you maintain them at home.  A minimum for grooming is 4 times per year, if you shave them down and let them grow shaggy in between.  If the coat is longer it may take more grooming. Cost could vary greatly depending on your location and per groomer but around $100+ is average.
  3. Start your pup out at 12-14 weeks with a one inch comb cut to get them accustomed to grooming early on. At this age, they don’t really have many fears or reservations. This will make things much easier on you as the owner as the dog gets older… and bigger!
  4.  2 of the most important things will be undercoat line raking once per week and daily brushing as often as possible.

Advice by Joanna Mitchell, groomer, Upper NY 

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Tools you need to upkeep your Doodle between grooming appointments

Slicker Brush
– The slicker brush will be one of your favorite tools for keeping your dog matt free.  This specific brush was recommended to me by a groomer friend and I see it posted all the time in doodle pages.  This will be essential as you learn to line brush your dog.  You can watch this video on line brushing HERE.

Metal Comb
– The metal comb will help you find matts that you need to focus on with your slicker brush and help you line brush.

Pin Brush
– The Pin Brush should be used if you know there are no matts or in senstive areas, like around the face.

Detangle Spray
-When brushing, it can be helpful to have a little assistance with knots, tangles and matts.


Tools you need to DIY Groom Your doodle at home

The tools in the section “Tools You Need to Upkeep Your Doodle Between Grooming Appointments” are also needed to DIY Groom at home.  While the list is long, keep in mind that most of these are one time purchases but will help you with grooming your doodle for years, saving money in the long run.

Deshedding Undercoat Rake
– This is a helpful tool for seasonal coat blowing (a time when a doodle may shed it’s coat in a heavier way that is typical) or when you want to demat your dog.

Hose Sprayer Attachment
– This is a life saver when it comes to ease of washing your Newfypoo and applying soap in a way that makes it easy to apply, easy to wash out and does not waste excess soap.  It attaches to any hose.  For our “in home dog washing station” that we put in our basement, we installed a mixer that allows us to have hot and cold water come from our hose.  This is very helpful for wintertime washings.

Hair Dryer
– Newfypoos are typically hot dogs, so it is important to watch the heat on the dryers.  Unless it is cold in the room you are washing and drying, I advice my puppy families to use no heat.  Excess heat can be distressing and life threatening if they become overheated.  Hair dryers help you quicken the time the dog will dry, which allows for less “dog smell” that typically comes if a dog is allowed to self dry.

Degreasing Shampoo
– We do not use this at every bath time, but when the hair seems particularly hard to get wet, this shampoo is very handy.  Just a small amount it is needed.  Because Newfoundlands are water dogs, their hair is water resistant.  It can take awhile for them to get wet.  This shampoo helps strip their hair of that oil.  The oil is healthy for their hair, so we recommend not using on a regular basis.

-Because we are attaching to the sprayer, we like using the concentrated shampoo.  This also helps with cost.  You may need to research to find the smells and ingredients that are good for your family.

-This conditioner is a dematting and deshedding conditioner.  It should help with the brushing out of your Newfypoo.

Nail Clippers (or grinder)
-Upkeeping your dogs toenails is important.  If this makes you uneasy you can usually make grooming appointments for just their nails.

Dog Scissors/Shears  (this link also includes a metal comb)
-We have loved this brand of shears.  They are very sharp and do a nice job cutting.  When learning to groom, alsways remember, if you mess up, the hair grows back.

The Andis 2 speed clippers are what was recommended to me by a grooming friend.  We purchased a 30 and 10 ceramic blades for them as well, since ceramic lasts longer and will not warp with the heat.

Stainless Steel Clipper Guards
The stainless steel won’t get hot with extended use and last longer than plastic.  Although these are Wahl brand, they work with the Andis clippers.

Pet Grooming Arm
Not a mandatory item, but certainly helpful in helping your pup stand still and stay standing up.  This one can attach to any table.

Are you a visual learner? Here is a video where you can watch a tutorial on grooming a doodle.   Go to minute 16.24 if you just want to see the grooming portion.