Newfypoo Pictures

Newfypoo Pictures..... capturing the cuteness of the puppies

We love snapping photos of our puppies, a camera is always in my back pocket or close by.  Truth be told….it is hard!  The gymnastics that you have to do to get a good picture can be quite comical.  I laugh at myself all the time…. laying on my belly in the dirt, hanging off of tables so they can’t eat me or my camera, bending over so I’m upside down to get just the right shot.  It’s no lie when I tell you that my camera is FULL of thousands of pictures and a handful are website worthy.  Because we live with the puppies day in and day out, we see their cuteness, their personalities develop and their heart and motivation.  It’s very hard to capture that on camera, especially since I have never gone to photography classes.  Regardless, we hope you fall in love with our love bugs via these pictures as much as we do.  They are 100x better in person.

Sneak Peek Into Puppy Pictures

Newfypoo Pictures - 2022 litters

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Newfypoo Pictures - 2021 litter

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Newfypoo Pictures - Our Full Grown Newfypoos

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We use puppy culture to set puppies up for success

Classical Conditioning Introduction
Puppy Clicker Training

You may remember from school, learning about Pavlov and how he conditioned dogs to salivate when they heard a bell ring.  This is known as classical conditioning.  It is very easy to make permament pathways in a puppies brain when they are little.  A few, short sessions make life long impressions on a puppies life and sets them up for success in their training with you.  Here you will see us do our very first session with the puppies using a clicker and a treat.  As each session continues, they are more expectant and love their sessions of individual attention and love.  An additional benefit is that they get time away from their siblings in an unfamiliar space, where they get to investigate and be brave on their own.

Classical Conditioning, Step 2
Creating An Associating

The puppies are still learning that the clicker and treat come together, but it’s well underway.  In this video we show step two of associating the clicker+treat with something the puppy actually does.  We introduce a box, which they have never seen before and when they do anything at all with the box, they will be rewarded.  This creates a pathway in the brain that says, “When I do something, I get a treat!”  This positive reinforcement will be key as they grow and you take them home to teach them manners and tricks.  It is much easier to reinforce a good behavior to create a habit than it is to discipline a bad habit out of a dog.  This sets the stage for that reinforcement that you can use at home.

Manding Training

Think of manding as a way a dog asks for attention.  It is not fun to have a dog asking for attention by jumping at you  and biting at your hands.  Instead, we are going to positively reinforce the fact that the puppies are praised, petted and treated/clicked when they sit.  We are not teaching them the command “SIT.”  Rather, we are associating a positive behavior that we like to see with the clicker & treat.  We also reinforce this multiple times a day by only petting the puppies and picking up puppies that are sitting.  If they are jumping at our puppy fence, at us or biting at our pants, they are ignored.  They have caught on beautifully and are brilliant.

Resource Guarding Protocol

Resource guarding is where a dog will growl or bite over a treat, special toy or favorite sleeping place. It can be a scary thing, especially if you have children.  This protocol can be used on older dogs as well, but it is easier to make a lasting impact on puppies when they are tiny. One or two times of practice can make a world of difference in their future sharing skills.  This is an easy task that any new puppy owner can do with their puppy and it will make a lasting difference in sharing their beloved resources.  Just a note, these puppies are excited beyond belief.  Don’t mistake their excitement as resource guarding.  They are thoroughly enjoying their chicken and tuna.