Newfypoo Temperament

The Newfypoo temperament is what draws many people to this particular doodle.  Our pups have grown to be docile and happy living in the home. They play when you want to play and sleep otherwise. True cuddle bugs, who also love to sleep on the floor and under your bed. They are watchful, trustworthy and tolerant of children. They are not easily provoked to aggressiveness but would protect their loving family if needed. 

They are sensitive and need kind training. Loud yelling and hitting as punishment will lead to a dog with anxiety and anxiety-led behaviors. They will bark, but not excessively.  They make great door bell dogs that will alert you to people near your home.  While their bark is big, deep and intimidating, they are kind and want to be your visitors best friend.  Teaching them good visitor manners will be important, as they will want to hug your visitors before they even enter your door.  Their size can be intimidating, which is excellent in helping ward off unwanted visitors.  The combination of their larger size, deep bark and amazing personality is why we first welcomed the Newfypoo breed into our home.   

Once you have one, you may find it difficult to only have one.  They do well in groups of dogs and love to play.  When looking to add a second to your crew, you won’t need to worry about what sex of puppy you choose for your second.  Due to their laid back nature, the females get a long with each other, males get along with each other and the mix of females and males works as well.


Super friendly

Newfypoo Personality Trait: Friendly
You’ll find Newfypoos to be super friendly.  They want to be near their family and greet everyone that comes for a visit.  Although their size and their bark can be intimidating, they are true cuddle bugs who think they are tiny lap dogs.  They love to be near by, whether playing or sleeping.  They will love to greet your visitors as well.

newfypoo temperament
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Newfypoo Personality Trait: Docile
The Newfypoos laid back manner allows them to fit in with low key families.  They live to please and live to sleep.  They never aim to hurt, although you have to be careful around youngsters because they don’t always know their size, and a child could be bumped over.  Their aim is to never inflict harm, so teaching manners of no jumping and calmness around kids and visitors will be important…. they won’t stay little forever!


Newfypoo Personality Trait: Loveable
My son was just crawling when we got our first Newfypoo.  He would crawl into the crate with her and she would lick him like he was one of her pups.  Newfypoos will be loyal to your family and love on you with their whole heart.  They want all the lovins’ and they will give all the lovins’.  Due to this personality trait, they make excellent emotional support dogs.  They won’t deny being a weighted blanket for you either.

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Newfypoo Personality Trait: Even -Tempered
Newfypoos are steady creatures.  You won’t find them to be moody.  They are happy, chill dogs that like to play when you want to play, watch your family members, sleep and occasionally counter surf when you aren’t paying attention.


Newfypoo Personality Trait: Kindness
Newfypoos are so kind.  You can tell by looking in their eyes that they have a kind heart.  They live to please and to serve.  They love having a job and love doing it well.  So many people tell us that their eyes almost look human.  Their amber colored eyes show their love every time they look at you.

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Newfypoo Personality Trait: Smart
An obedient dog makes for a happy dog and a happy family.  Newfypoos love to learn tricks and obedience because it means they get to please you.  With your consistency you may find they are some of the easiest dogs to train, thus also making them great working dogs as service dogs & therapy dogs.  They love having their brain used and having a job.  Being that the Newfypoo is made from two working dogs – the poodle as hunting dog and the Newfoundland as a water saving and hauling dog, their brain falls naturally to having a desire to serve their families.


Newfypoo Personality Trait: Williness.
While Newfypoos can sometimes have a stubborn streak, that disappears when you have a good relationship with your dog and you know what motivates him (praise, food, etc).  They are willing to please you and it makes training them and living with them a joy.  The stubbornness can come from them being so smart.  Use what motivates them and your connection with them and you will be blessed with a beautiful partner.

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