Puppy Supplies: Be prepared for your Newfypoo Puppy - What Puppy Supplies do you need?

One of the most common questions I get from our puppy families is, “What do I need for my puppy?”  As you wait to bring home your puppy, it is common to have a bit of anxiety mixed in with the excitement.   You want to be prepared and you want to have everything just right.  We’ve incorporated this page to help you best prepare and have separated it into “essential items” and “non-essential but helpful items” and further into, “nice items to have.”  

This should be regard as a guidance, only.  Only you and your family know what will be suit you, your family and your budget.  Keep in mind that when you bring your puppy home, you will want to go shopping.  Not everything needs to be bought ahead of time.

Essential Puppy Supplies

We recommend starting with a large dog crate that comes with a divider.  It is important that your new puppy only have enough space to  lay down in so that he or she doesn’t potty in their crate.  If there is enough room for them to potty in one corner and then sleep in another corner, they will.  Having the divider allows you to make one purchase and allow the crate to grow with your puppy.  Puppies can have anxiety about moving to a new crate or having their crate placed in a new area.  Starting out with a large crate will force you to think about where you want the crate to be long term, so that the anxiety from future changes is minimized.   We also like the crates that have two doors.  This allows for a lot of flexibility about crate placement in your home.  The above link is an example and there are other brands and options available in different price ranges.

These types of leash’s are an amazing help with your puppy!  Newfypoo puppies grow very fast, and a slip lead will continue to work for your puppy regardless of how large he grows.  They are extremely fast and easy to put on, which is essential when rushing a puppy out to potty.  Our only caution is that a rough handed person or child, should not have the lead.  A gentle hand is needed to ensure the puppies throat is not damaged and it should never be left on the puppy unsupervised so it doesn’t strangle the puppy by accident.

While a rake may look nasty, this brush will be a saving grace as you care for your Newfypoo’s coat.  You can read about grooming your doodle HERE.  This rake will help you keep matts at bay and brush matts out.

Non-Essential but Helpful Puppy Supplies

Puppies can take months to full potty train.  A puppy play pen allows the puppy to learn that it’s ok to be alone and to help learn to hold their bladder for longer periods of time without constantly being in their crate.  This is also can be called an essential item if you work outside of the home and the puppy will be left alone in the home for several hours a day.  Don’t be sticker shocked by the price of the pen we linked to!  Puppy play pens are a super useful tool and can often be found on facebook marketplace or at yardsales.   It can also work to sequester the puppy to a small room that is puppy safe.

A puppy litter pan is an optional but helpful tool to have in your home.  Puppies that come from Green Acres are litter box trained and this can easily be transitioned to your home.  There are many different options that you can choose.  Here at Green Acres, we use a rabbit litter pan lined with a puppy pee pad and topped with alfafa pellets.  These items can be bought at Tractor supply and other pet supply stores.  We highly suggest you stay away from solely using puppy pee pads.  Puppy pee pads can lead to puppies thinking it is ok to pee on carpets and rugs.  Puppy litter pans can be placed in the puppy play pen or kept near the front door in case you don’t keep your eye on your pup 24/7 or don’t have him tethered to your side.  We have linked to a turf grass litter pad from chewy for your research.