Newfypoo Sizes

What Newfypoo size is right for you?

Size Disclaimer: Every breeder may have different numbers associated with the size charts. It is good to ask what size the breeder estimates the pup to mature at. Please note, the pup’s mature weight and height is not typically an average of the two parents and may vary from pup to pup in the same litter. A pup could be the size of mom, of dad, an average or pull genetics from further back generations. A breeder gives you their best educated guess based on past litters and their breeding experience. Embark testing gives you an estimated weight at maturity, and in our experience, has been fairly accurate.

Here at Green Acres we currently breed Standards.  Our one Mamma, Daisey, may have babies that reach the large scale.

An example of a pup reaching from a grandparent generation is one of our pups named Sawyer.  He came from a Standard size litter and should have matured at 70lbs.  at 7 months old he weighs 74lbs.  He is now an adult and a bit over 100lbs.   He is the only one of his siblings (19 pups total) that went beyond the estimated size scale.  You just never know!

Green Acres Newfypoo Size Scale:

Newfypoos range in inches. Their weight comes from their bulk. To give you a reference as to how tall the pups may mature at, our 90lb, male, Newfypoo is 29 inches tall at his shoulders. Our 70lb females are 26 inches tall. Find us on Facebook page.