Newfydoodle Puppies

Newfydoodle Puppies
Answering your most asked Questions

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Let’s answer the most common questions about Newfydoodle puppies!  
(Also called: Newfypoo Puppies, Newfiepoo Puppies & Newdles >> SO MANY FUN NAMES)

We know you have lots of questions, so we have provided you with answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.  When you contact us through our contact form or through email, we will send you an extensive email that explains the nitty gritty about what puppies we have, what puppies we expect, our application process & link, how our deposit works and tons of other information.  Our goal is to leave no stone unturned so that you feel excited and confident in choosing your puppy from Green Acres Newfypoos.


Is a Newfydoodle pup right for you?  Check out our Newfydoodle puppies for sale and our upcoming litters.

  • F1 is a dog that is 50% Newfoundland, 50% poodle.

  • F1b is a dog who’s one parent is an F1 and the second parent is 100% poodle or Newfoundland.F1bb is a dog who’s one parent is an F1b and the second parent is a 100% poodle or Newfoundland.

  • F2 / Multigenerational is a dog that both parents are doodles of either the F1 or F1b nature.

  • At this time, we breed F1b’s and Multigenerational puppies.

All dogs shed, even poodles. It’s how they shed that makes all the difference. Non poodles loose hair constantly and at varying degrees. Poodles hair becomes loose and become entangled in the curls, creating matts if not groomed regularly. Newfydoodles shed at varying degrees, depending on how much Newfoundland and how much Poodle genes show through. We have found that F1b’s and F2’s shed considerably less than they F1’s. Frequent brushing (at least every other day) is needed, so that matts do not become a concern. **See very bottom of page for a photo comparison of the hair that was obtained from brushing an F1 compared to an F1b.

We also occassionally have flatcoated Newfydoodles. These beautiful pups will have straight soft hair and do shed. Please see our Flat coat vs curly coat page for more info.

Each litter may vary slightly depending on the parent’s size. When we have a litter available, go to the “Available Puppies” page and we will tell you what the expected size is. Currently, our puppies average at 70lbs and the height of a lab or golden retriever. We may have some mini’s (50-60lbs) coming in the future!

Every breeder has different weights for the large, standard and mini sizes.
We say mini is 30lbs-65lbs
Standard are 70-100
Large are 100+

  • All of our puppies are raised in home and “under foot.” They are around children, animals and visitors.

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is done for the first 16 days of life.

  • At 2 weeks old they are started on litter training. We do not use pee pads, rather we use fake grass turf and pellets so that they quickly associate grass with going to the potty.

  • At 4 weeks old they are moved to a combination of home and the kennel so they can initiate going to the potty in the grass on their own. We find that helping them form good habits right off the bat, before bad habits form, is the best way to have a happy puppy and a happy forever family.

  • At 6 weeks old they start crate training. We work up to 2 hours in the crate, with an hour play and potty break, and repeat for 3 cycles. Before they come home they will have at least 1 full night in the crate alone, as practice before they come home.

  • They are bathed and dryed 3x before coming home. Nails are clipped at least 2x.

  • Puppy Culture is incorporated
  • Puppies are able to go home at 60 days (8 weeks, 4 days) as this has shown to give the needed time with mom and siblings for bite inhibition and socialization while giving you optimal time at home to socialize the pup to your home atmosphere before the “socialization window” closes at 16 weeks.

  • Parents have been health tested through Embark. You may ask to see those results.

  • Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.

  • Puppies are vaccinated with DPH at 7 weeks.

  • Puppies are seen by a vet prior to coming home.

  • We recommend that you schedule your vet appointment within 72 hrs of pickup.

YES! Our goal is for our puppies to have forever homes. Microchips help protect them and find their way back home, as well as help prevent being stolen. Upon getting a puppy, you agree that you will never forfeit your puppy to a shelter, family or friend without written approval from us. However, should a puppy end up in a shelter or lost and the owners are not able to be reached, the microchip will forever have our contact information loaded as a secondary contact. Our goal is that none of our puppies ever add to the shelter chaos.

Applying to be a puppy family is free. Email us or fill out our contact form (below) and tell us a little about yourself. We will respond with a lengthy email, full of information for you as well as an application link. Once accepted as a potential puppy family, you will be placed on our free notification list and you will get an email every time we have a litter expected. Those who go further with a $500 deposit will secure their spot for choosing a puppy and will have first dibs on the upcoming puppies.  We can’t wait for you to meet your new Newfydoodle puppy family member!

  • Small bag of supplies. -contents subject to change:

      • -blanket that smells like mamma & siblings*

      • -small bag of food

      • -Chewy toy

      • -Toy

      • Slip Lead

  • Nanochipped

  • Dewormed

  • 30 Days Free Health Insurance through Turpanion

  • Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee*

  • Lifetime support of breeder & others in the Green Acres Family

  • Discounted Access to a Lifetime Dog Training Membership

  • *72 hour return policy, which allows you to return the puppy for any health reason that was not caused by an accident. Upon being able to resell puppy, you would be refunded the cost of the puppy minus costs. Health guarantees do not cover accidents that occur in your care or from environmental issues. Puppies leave vet checked at 7 weeks old. In addition, you may have your vet check your puppy within those 72 hours to ensure health of your puppy. Please ask to read our Genetic Health Guarantee.

With our partnership with Trupanion, we are excited to provide your new Newfydoodle puppy with 30 days of medical insurance, at no cost to you. We want every family to take advantage of this free program so that your puppy and your wallet are protected in those first 30 days.  Accidents happen!  There is no obligation to continue the service after 30 days, but you may if you wish to! Perks of this service provide you with:

  • 30 days of coverage with no obligation

  • Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived

  • $250 deductible and 90% coverage, no payout limits

***Terms and service availability varies for Flordia and New York Residents.
Upon picking up your puppy, your “puppy pack” will include the special offer code. You will have 24hours to activate this free offer.

You may choose to keep the service, change to a different company or not have any at all.  We like Trupanion because it starts immediately in the period of transition where accidents are most likely to happen.  It helps put your heart at ease if something should pop up that is unexpected.

What will my Newfydoodle puppy look like?

While we can’t say for sure, here are some pictures of our past litters at different ages and stages!
Newfydoodle puppies in Pa
Newfydoodle puppy
Hero e1639838934678
Hero (shaggy)
lewis e1639864952160
Lewis (groomed short)
Lewis carries the phantom gene and had the silver coloring on his face from puppy age.
Lewis (shaggy)
Amanda e1639864690403
Hero3 1 1 e1639864804896
Hero (groomed short)
He was the curliest of our 2020 pups.
398027134 10224427104447063 533188474174245767 n
Koda (different Koda than listed above)
398667367 10224427062726020 8127545053269593725 n
Koda - chocolate puppy that silvered with age
396719585 10161017976715631 6022311230020759200 n
Sawyer - our pup that went over 100lbs
He was the curliest of our 2020 pups.

We can't promise how much your Newfydoodle will shed, but....

We think this comparison gives you a good idea as to how much an F1b sheds compared to an F1. They were almost the same length coat. Mamma is prob 1/2 inch longer.
242151070 4392484984127820 8261688897602703788 n

Do you have more questions about our Newfydoodle puppies?
Send us a note, We want to make sure all your questions are answered!

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