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Hi! I'm Laurel!

I’m so happy your search has brought you here and honored that you may consider us as your Newfypoo Breeder. Whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast or Central USA, we are thrilled that you’re here checking us out as you consider your next Newfypoo puppy.  We are excited to help you find your Newfypoo family member.  My husband and I raise our 3 kids on our 18 acre homestead. I was raised here in Central PA and have been around animals my entire life.

Baby animals have always had a special place in my heart. I remember carrying baby lambs as a child and secretly hoarding baby kittens home from my grandmothers house. At 12 years old my life with horses began and I raised and shown horses in the Appaloosa Circuit for many years. There is just something about babies!

I later used my masters degree in social work to utilize my love for horses to run a therapy program using Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy. I am no stranger to the powerful impact that an animal has on one’s life and desire to provide quality pups that can be used in such a capacity as well.  If you are looking for a service dog, therapy dog, or emotional support dog, we believe that Newfypoos can make a great prospect!  We’d love to help you find yours.  Read More Here

When I had children, I started considering what type of dog might suit our family. I accidentally happened across the Newfypoo breed and fell in love with the description. Having one in person was even better. In my mind, every home needs at least one of these gentle giants in their home…. but it’s hard to have just one. They make exceptional therapy dogs, emotional support dogs and family companions for families of all shapes and sizes.  Did you know you can teach them to sulky as well? (pull a small cart to haul you around)

We realize that we are raising your future family member and that it can be very hard to wait until they come home.  As your Newfypoo Breeder, we keep you up to date with everything that we do with the pups, from ENS to litter training, to chew toy conditioning, to manding and incorporating manners, to crate training and so forth.  We love helping you feel like you are a part of the process and a part of the family.  I make a commitment to you, to give you only the best; to help you feel comfortable with your decision and aide you along the way. When you welcome one of our pups home, are become a part of our Newfypoo puppy family forever! We are excited to meet you. Please let me know if you have any questions and we’d love to be your Newfypoo Breeder!  Blessings – Laurel

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Below you can find information about the importance of finding the right Newfypoo breeder for you, questions to ask a breeder and what sets our puppies apart.  If you’d like more information, if you would like to be placed on our free notification list or if you’d like to reserve your spot with a deposit, please fill out the below form and we will be in contact with you, usually within 24 hours.  Look for an email (in spam folder too) with the subject line “Newfypoo Inquiry.”  We will fill you in on our Newfypoo Puppies, upcoming litters and about our program.  Within the email is our free application.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Finding an Excellent Newfypoo Breeder

We are on the east coast, but you don’t limit yourself to a breeder in your part of the country. Finding a reputable breeder, one that you can trust, and one that sets the pups up for success from day one can be hard to find and takes research. It’s a serious search and can be exhausting. We are sometimes on the buying end of the spectrum and we know the stress involved. We do not take the process lightly and we do everything we can t put your mind and heart at ease. We are not a puppy mill. We only raise Newfypoo puppies and each litter is raised in-home. We follow a strict care regimen that helps sets our pups apart both in health and in temperament. We would like to offer you a list of questions we believe are important to ask every breeder and will help keep you away from scammers. This can be found under at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to you becoming a part of our Newfypoo puppy family!

We want you to find your perfect Newfypoo puppy and enjoy the process as well!

Buying a puppy can be an intimidating and daunting task. Once you settle on your breed, you then have to sort through which Newfypoo breeder you want to work with.

This is important because they not only are a part of your puppy’s formative weeks, but they can leave you feeling confident and well cared for or left grappling for details and figuring it out yourself. The process of buying a puppy can be an an exciting one if you find the right breeder. 

Knowing what to ask and what to look for can help you gain confidence when choosing your breeder. We have provided a list of questions you can ask any breeder, at the bottom of this page. We would be honored to work with you and have you choose us as your breeder.

Regardless of where you go, we hope that you find questions these helpful and we are excited for you as you look for your perfect Newfypoo Puppy.

What sets our Newfypoo puppies apart

As experienced Newfypoo breeders, we have invested much time, effort and learning into bringing you a puppy that is less work and more joy. We set the stage for your pup to transition more easily and to give you the confidence of how to raise them.

If you’re looking for a quality, healthy, happy Newfypoo puppy that was bred with care and intention, then you found the right place. We know that we have these puppies during their critical learning period and will give them the best 8 weeks we can to set you up for a lifetime of canine love, and to give you the best companion that money can buy.  As a pervious child behavioralist, I implament the same belief that starting a “child”…. or pup, in this case, from day one with care and intention can make a lasting impact that carries on for the rest of their life.

Our puppies are raised in our home and given early and daily socialization to typical family noises, as well as to soundtracks, desensitizing them to many “scary” sounds that could cause anxiety down the road and lots of romping time outside. This is proven to reduce the likelihood of behavioral issues later in life and help them transition to your home seamlessly.

Each puppy comes with a full “Newfypoo Puppy Manual” that covers their care, grooming, training, and more to help you through your dogs entire life. We provide what you need to be an expert in raising your puppy.

In addition, you have lifetime support from us through phone, email and a facebook group. You’ll get to ask questions, post pictures of all their adventures and see how their siblings are doing as well. We never want you to feel like you are alone to figure it out by yourself.

We want each pup to fit into your family like they have always been there. To help us do this, we personality test each pup so that your pup’s temperament fits into your family composition as close as possible. This is especially important if you have children or are a first-time dog owner.

We offer a Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee of no life-threatening inherited disorders developing in your puppy. We know there is significant worry about such issues when looking for a puppy, and we are proud to offer you this peace of mind.

To help their health, our puppies are guaranteed to never be inbred, which dramatically reduces your puppies chance of inheriting a serious defect.

Should you wish to take advantage of health insurance, each puppy comes home with 30 days of complimentary free health insurance through Trupanion.

As you prepare for your puppy, we give guidance as to our favorite products and helpful tools. We know waiting is hard and post regular pictures and videos on our facebook page for you to watch your pup grow before they come home to you.

Before your pup comes home to you, your pup will be dewormed and microchipped.  We offer the vaccination for you to take with you.  We recommend waiting until at least 10 weeks of age to give the vaccination.

Puppies are chew toy conditioned, to enjoy chew toys and bark less. This will help them pass the time while they are in their crate and enjoy quiet times.

Puppies are crate conditioned, where they practice daily crate time so that it’s not traumatic when they come home to you.

At puppy pickup day, we go over important details, such as socialization provide a FREE dog trainer to go over the top FAQs that new puppy owners have, as well as an open Q&A afterwards. We schedule pickup day shortly after birth, so you have ample time to schedule your trip out to us.

We provide ourselves in being good and honest communicators with each of our puppy families and welcome questions at any point in your puppy journey. We hope we get to welcome you to our Newfypoo Family!

Questions for any Newfypoo breeder and OUR answers