About Newfydoodles

So ya wanna know about Newfydoodles....Newfypoos....Newdles

No matter what you call them, they are amazing.  They bring together the two amazing breeds of the Newfoundland and Poodle, leaving us with a family or service dog companion that hits all the marks.  To be honest, we weren’t dog people until we had our first Newfypoo.  The breed won our hearts and we know they will win yours as well.    We love their calm, lazy nature.  Their family instincts and their sociable nature are amazing.  

We felt it wise to compare the two giant doodle breeds.  While similar, there are differences and if you’re not sure which to go with, this should help you make the right decision for your family.  

If you’re already in love with the Newfypoo and settled on the breed, then scroll down to read just about the Newfypoo.

Comparing the Bernedoodle & Newfypoo

The Bernedoodle and the Newfypoo/Newfydoodle are two larger doodle breeds. The popularity of the Bernedoodle is very high right now and the Newfypoo is on the rise as more people discover the breed.

The Basics: The Newfoundland & the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Newfypoo is a cross between a Newfoundland and a Standard poodle. The parent breed, the Newfoundland, is used in water rescues in Canada. The pure Newfoundland stands between 23 and 29 inches tall and weighs between 99 and 154 pounds, with some being heavier. Their coloring can be black, brown, grey black and white, brown and white, and parti colored, also known as Landseer. Newfoundlands are known for their gentle and sweet nature, known as the “gentle giant.” They have low energy and only need to be exercised moderately to stay healthy and happy.

The Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard poodle, which is known as a general farm dog that comes from the Swiss Alps. They are generally marked by their tri-colored coat. The tri colored coat is the only coloring for this breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a pleasant and good nature, making him a wonderful family pet. They carry more energy and can be shy with strangers making socialization very important. Like the Newfoundland, they are typically easy-going and not prone to lots of boisterousness.

From these parent breeds we see many similarities. They are both originally from colder environments, making them love the cold and needing to be sure have plenty of water and a cool area in the summer. Take note of the differences, such as the color variations available, the laid back nature and acceptance of the Newfoundland vs the needing of more socialization need of the Berense. The Newfoundland is a working dog who loves to have a job and is protective but not aggressively so. The Newfoundland typically has less energy than the Bernese, but both only need moderate exercise.

Making them Doodles

As doodles, the sizes of the dog are not typically an average between parents. While some average can occur, they tend to pull from one side or the other. Please take not of our page “Newfypoo Sizes” for a full description, but for comparison purposes, an F1 Newfypoo is generally 20 to 29 inches tall and weighting between 77 and 154 pounds, making them one of the largest doodle mixes. The Bernedoodle is similar in height, usually around 19 to 29 inches tall and weighting between 66 to 110 pounds. There is no “average” size with doodles, so it is important to talk to your breeder about what they expect to see the puppies mature at, although size can never be guaranteed. We have our sizes described HERE.

Newfypoo Colors vs Bernedoodle Colors

So much of the color depends on what poodle parent is chosen and how the genetics mix. The poodles come in a huge variety of colors which makes pairings quite interesting and fun to explore.

The tri-colored coat is prized in the Bernese Mountain Dogs and rarely seen in a poodle and never seen in a Newfoundland. However, not all Bernedoodles are tri-colored and it is common to see them in solid colors, some with phantom genes and even merle or sable brought in from the poodle side. As stated above the Newfypoo can be such a variety of colors including solids, landseer, merle, sable, phontom, etc.

While coloring is fun and you may have a preference, it is important that you choose a dog that matches for family in personality more so than it’s coloring. Finding both is gold, but your pup will either mesh with you or butt heads with you based on it’s personality, not it’s coloring.

Newfypoo Coat Types vs Bernedoodle Coat Types

Comparing F1s, as multigenerations change the coat types extensively, you’ll find the Newfypoo to be a heavy coated doodle that often has water repellent coat that dries quickly, but needs regular grooming. Depending on whether your Newfypoo has wavy or curly or flat coat, will dictate just how much grooming is needed. Usually the curlier the coat, the shorter owners keep them so it makes grooming easier. Newfypoos are low to non-shedding, with a tumble weed of hair here or there. You’ll get more when brushing their undercoat. I have coats described HERE.

The Bernedoodle can also have a wavy, curly or flat coat and tends to be softer to the touch as they are not bred to work in the water. They too, require lots of grooming and can be prone to matting. They are also low to non shedding depending on the amount of poodle gene that is pulled through and how much curl he has. Regular grooming and clipping, will keep him looking his best.

Newfypoo Temperament vs Bernedoodle Temperament

While most people fall in love with their pup because of how they look, their temperament is THE most important aspect when choosing your next canine family member. Their temperament will decide if they melt your heart and you are in puppy glory, or if you will be clashing with your dog and pulling your hair out. Even within the same breed, each puppy has their own personality and it’s important to use a breeder that utilizes personality testing to be sure you get your best fit dog.

The Newfypoo is known to be gentle, loving, calm and watchful. They will need a good romp each day, sometimes 2 or 3 while they are 0-2yrs. They may surprise you at how athletic they are for being such a large dog. Otherwise, they love to sleep and be lazy.

Due to their working nature, they do well as a “nanny dog” and watch children and other animals, yet not prone to aggression. They have a very loving and caring nature about them. They are friendly and sociable, so they don’t do well as guard dogs, but due to their size and deep bark, they easily dissuade intruders. Pure Newfoundlands can be stubborn, so sometimes the doodles carry this trait and you will need to know what motivates them (praise, food, play).

The Bernedoodle is a friendly and loyal dog that is often described as a little goofy. He carries more energy and can be boisterous when young, so early training and socialization is important. Romps several times a day will be important.

Very intelligent, you’ll find he responds well to training, although their stubborn streak can show through. They love to be around their human family and can be prone to mischief if allowed to become bored. If you’re an active family, always on the go for walks and exploring, the Bernedoodle may be your preferred choice.

Feeding Your Doodle

Both the Newfypoo and Bernedoodle are large and fast growing. Correct nutrition is important to support their joints as they grow and to keep them healthy as an adult. Good quality food is a must. Both eat about 10% of their body weight as they grow, but if you put food out for 15 minutes 2-3x a day, they will eat what they need. Once out of puppy stage and fully house trained, grazing is a great option as it keeps them from inhaling their food and getting digestive issues such as bloat.

Being that both breeds are originally from cold environments, they drink a lot of water and need to be able to stay cool in the summertime. Ice cubes and frozen toys and treats are great to help them keep cool.

Exercise Needs of a Large Doodle

As puppies, large breed doodles should be limited on the exercise they are given. No long walks, no jumping off furniture or going up and down a bunch of steps until he is older. Their immature bones and joins can be harmed at a young age, leaving you with hip dyspepsia and elbow issues. Keeping them on the ground to have their fun is important for their future health.

Generally, Newfypoos will need slightly less exercise than the Bernedoodle, but it can vary depending on the amount of athleticism they get from their poodle parents. Both breeds need exercised daily and love free romping outdoors.

We highly recommend the use of a joint supplement from NuVet to protect their joints from environment factors. When started young and continued through their lifespan, hips and other joints have less issues and keep your dog moving freely. We provide you with a code so that you’re able to order this “referred only” supplement. Already have a large breed dog and want to get him started on this supplement? You can order HERE with breeder code 594897.

Newfypoo Health vs Bernedoodle Health

Buying a pup from a breeder who health tests parents is essential. Hip and elbow issues are common in large breeds, but as stated, is often times environmental and not genetic.

Newfypoos can suffer from cherry eye, a condition that requires surgery and a conditional called Cystinuria, which is crystals in the urine, that shows up if both parents carry the gene. NuVet, carries supplements that protects the eyes, heart, digestive and joints.

Bernedoodles are prone to the same join issues and are known to have one of the shortest lifespans of all the breeds. They seem to be affected by an aggressive form of cancer, and you may want to consider health insurance for the life of the pup.

The good news is that by choosing a doodle mix, health is typically so much better than having a pure bred. Poodles are known for their longevity and vigor, so when mixed with a healthy breed, your pup should have a long happy life with you.


What is a Newfypoo

A Newfypoo is a mix between Newfoundland and Poodle. In general, they can range is size of 54lb to 150lb. Our dogs here at Green Acres range from 45lb to 100lbs.  All dogs shed, even poodles. However, this mix sheds a lot less and many with allergies do well with our pups. See our Available Puppies page for more information on the different kinds of Newfypoos we offer. Let’s compare the two breeds and see what amazing traits these two breeds bring to the Newfypoo.
*Every breeder denotes their “mini,” “standard,” and “large” sizes differently, so be sure to ask each breeder their weights and sizes when talking about future pups.  While sizes cannot be guaranteed, through experience, an estimated size and weight can be given.


The Newfydoodle

evie, Newfydoodles
A Newfypoo brings together these fabulous two dog breeds. Our pups have grown to show docile and happy living in the home. Often known as the “Gentle Giants” or the “King of the Doodles,” you’d be hard pressed to find a more loveable & loyal canine family member. They are highly devoted and extremely patient, traits of their Newfoundland parents, while also very intelligent and outgoing, pulling from their Poodle parent. This creates a dynamic that we have fallen in love with and can easily be used as a therapy dog.

They play when you want to play and sleep otherwise. True cuddle bugs, who also love to sleep on the floor and under your bed. They are watchful, trustworthy and tolerant of children. They are not easily provoked to aggressiveness but would protect their loving family if needed.
They are sensitive and need kind training. Loud yelling and hitting as punishment will lead to a dog with anxiety and anxiety-led behaviors. They will bark, but not excessively. Early socialization and training will make life a breeze. Waiting until they are older can be difficult because of their size. They do not require a lot of exercise and can easily become couch potatoes. Keeping them trim and fit will extend their life expectancy. Mental stimulation and playing games will make for a happy pup.Low shedding with a chance of matting, so frequent brushing and grooming is required. They do not drool but will often have wet mouths because they drink lots of water. Overall, we find this mix to be a perfect family dog. They are great swimmers if introduced early! They will go on adventures when you want to go and also be happy just being at home. Great for working families as well, due to their low exercise requirement. We are proud to offer this amazing breed and are excited for you to become a part of the Green Acres Newfypoo family.

As kind as Newfypoos are, don’t think that these guys will shy away from danger. We brought home our first Newfypoo for the intimidating size and the deep loud bark. They’re deeply devoted to their loved ones, so they can be protective if they sense true trouble or fear from you. Their size alone is usually enough to dissuade intruders, their bark can also help keep your home and family safe and secure.