The Parents

Our Full Grown Newfypoos

Meet the Mamma's and Daddy of our Puppies

Meet Daddy Loki

Loki is our 70lb  daddy to our babies and what a gem he is! He is attentive and caring, gentle, playful, inquisitive and smart.  He is brown and white parti and when paired with our different mammas, we get a rainbow of colors of beautiful and well tempered puppies.

He is available for stud to approved approved program.  Live cover only, at this time.

Meet Mamma Daisey

Daisey is our 80 lb F1 mamma.  She is the newest and up and coming mamma.  Her first litter is planned for 2024.  She is a mush of a dog and melts when you show her love.  She is the happiest around people and loves to play.

Paired with Daddy Loki, their babies will be F2b’s and will be brown and white parti and all should carry the ticking (freckles) on their white marks.  Being that Daisey is our largest mamma, our best guess at this time is their weight will be 80-100lbs.

Meet Mamma Roxy

Roxy is our 65lb poodle mamma.  She is sensitive, a bit shy, very smart and watchful.

Paired with Daddy Loki, their babies are black, black and white parti (white with black spots), black merle, gray parti and gray parti merle.  Blacks may lighten with age as the poodle genes often have the fading gene.

Her pups are great prospects for those with allergies.  Babies are F1bb.  Babies “average weight should bein the 70-80lb range, however the giant breed genetics we sometimes get pups that reach the 100lb range (usually males).

Meet Mamma Evie

Evie is a 70lb, F1b Newfypoo. Curious and loveable, she lives for pets, cuddles and playing. She is extremely smart and learns very quickly.  

Paired with Daddy Loki, their babies are chocolate brown and brown parti colored.  Parti is white with large brown patches.  Chocolates tend to get silver hair as they grow, to varying degrees as they age.  

Her pups are great prospects for those with allergies.  Babies are F2bb.  Babies “average” weight should be in the 70-80lb range, however with the giant breed genetics we sometimes get pups that reach that 100lb range.

We choose our adult dogs for personality and health.  We know you want a loyal family dog or dog with service possiblities.  These are the traits that we look for in our adult Newfypoos.  Those that are on our paid depsoit list are invited to visit pups and our adult dogs when puppies are 4-5 weeks old.  We do not always have the male dogs on site, but you’re welcome to visit with all the ladies and any males that are here.  They always love visitors!

Puppy Visit Day is one of our favorite days!  It’s a day where you get to thoroughly enjoy the snuggles from all the puppies, get to see them play and sleep.  After you leave, we ask you who your top few favorites are so that when it comes time to personality test, we know who you’re leaning towards.  Our goal is to never just sell a puppy to any person who comes along, but look for those who want the best fit for their family.  We don’t choose your puppy for you, rather  we mix personality testing, guidance and who you are feeling like is the best fit all smooched together.  Leaving you with a new family member that meshes in great with your family.

Every breeder has different ranges of sizes as to what they classify as “mini,” “standard,” and “large” Newfypoos.  Please read our definition of sizes HERE.

Our puppies are personality tested at 6.5 weeks old.  There are some general traits that we love about the Newfypoo and are across the board, and we cover those HERE.

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